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We are conveniently located at
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Broklyn Park MN 55429

Why Us

My Name is Abdul. I'm The Owner and Lead Instructor of M.D.S. I previously worked for the Driver and Vehicle Services within the Department of Public Safety at both the Midway and Midtown Exam Station in St Paul and Minneapolis. While working at the exam station, I realized that teens were not being trained in all they need to know about driving. So I created - with my own very high standards of driving - a Driver's Education Program that Teaches above and beyond the state's minimum requirements for a driver's education program. We go the extra mile to ensure each student understands and learns what we are teaching. I am always available after class for questions and extra help if needed. Most teens will only take driver's education once in their lives. Let's make sure that the program they are learning from is the best program available. Most teens will not pay attention and learn if they are not interested in what they are being taught. Our Program makes drivers education a FUN and Exciting learning experience.

We teach teens all aspects of driving from starting the vehicle to what to do in the 'What If' situations. The teens of today have a lot more distractions than ever before; Cell phones, IPODS and texting are a major distraction for teens today. We know that getting a driver's license is an exciting time for teens, but we also recognize and teach that driving carries a lot of responsibility. We teach what could happen if they don't take driving seriously, but we also let teens know how much fun driving can be if it's done with responsibility and respect. MidTown Driving School takes the worry out of wondering "Is my teen being taught what they need to know to be a safe and defensive driver?" We are not your typical Driver's Education program from years past .We only teaches with up-to-date and relevant materials. We are in this learning experience together; from the first class to the last behind-the-wheel lesson and beyond. We are a local service provider. I want to make sure that all of my students are driving with personal pride, respect for others and defensively. At some point in the future we will all be on the road together. That's why safety in our community starts with MidTown Driving School.


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